We're building a mutually beneficial community business resource.

The Jubilee Diamond Mine is the largest diamond mine in the world.  Raw diamonds come from the depths of the earth, and don't show their true colors until they're polished.  We believe in creating shining stars in our own community – and education and empowerment is the way!

We’re a co-working space and event venue in Scappoose, OR, in a convenient and easy to find location on Highway 30, just north of Portland.

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We offer a 24-hour accessible workspace for small business owners and others who work virtually.

Now there’s a quiet and comfortable space to work, away from home, and not at the coffee shop.

If you need a meeting space, we’re there for you too.  You don’t have to be a member to use the classroom, and you can easily book it online

Why should you use our space?  We keep a running list of all events on our media pages and it’s built-in advertising for you, along with an unbeatable rental rate.  See the FAQ Page for more information on what equipment is available in the Classroom.

Make sure you check out our Member Perks, too!  We have an introductory pricing offer for a limited time (rate is good for the life of your membership) so if you’ve considered joining, don’t wait!

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