You've been there.  Trying to work at the kitchen table to finish up the last thing on your list.  Suddenly - there's jelly on your elbow.  As you pick up your arm in disgust, you knock your coffee over all over your laptop.  You quickly grab it, right as the dog runs under your feet, and to save the computer from imminent demise, you swing widely to keep your balance, knocking your stack of papers off the table, spewing them all over the floor, where your toddler rides his tricycle over them, wrinkling and creasing them so you have to reprint them all before your meeting next week.

THIS is not what you signed up for when you decided to work remotely.  

If only there was a different way to work without being tied to a desk in a cubicle; in a safe, clean, and toddler-free zone.  

There is.  It's called coworking.  Coworking started back in 1995, as people began to bring computers together into a single room, where they could collaborate yet work independently.  

25 years later, this concept is alive and well.  

The coworking space as it exists today benefits all types of workers, small-business owners, solopreneurs, start-up companies, and freelancers.  But it’s benefitting more than just the people.  It’s building communities by creating relationships between people who wouldn’t otherwise meet each other, boosting local economies by supporting the small businesses so they can exist with lower overhead, and providing places for people to have a change of scenery in an often lonely world of the virtual environment.

Coworking and collaboration spaces are found all over the world now.  And, not just in large metropolitan areas.  They can be found in high-rises, remodeled warehouses, old workshops, and revamped retail storefronts.  Most offer additional amenities to their members, above and beyond a place to plug in their devices.  Some even have meeting spaces or conference rooms which members can rent (or have time included in their membership dues, and they just have to schedule the rooms).

Some people still prefer to work in a restaurant, or a coffee shop.  Most coffee shops have tables for workers or students that need them.  But working in a public space is sometimes not the best option - they are usually loud, often crowded, and when you leave?  You smell like food or coffee.  Not always a bad thing until you unzip your computer bag the next morning and it smells like stale coffee.  (Good thing you weren’t working at a fast-food restaurant yesterday - imagine day-old greasy French fry smell…). Another disadvantage to working in a coffee shop or restaurant - the guilt that makes you purchase food or beverage items in exchange for wifi and the use of their table.  Sticking to the nutrition plan you just made is really difficult.

The coworking space solves the problem of messes, food, smells, and guilt-ridden expenditures, for less than the cost of a daily meal out (depending on how trendy the location is, and what membership options are available).

Jubilee Collective has made coworking accessible for everyone, with a unique business model - it’s a non-profit.  Most of the same amenities you receive in the trendy and high-end for-profit spaces are also available at Jubilee Collective, but for a fraction of the price.  There’s even a classroom/conference room you have access to with your membership.

So whether you’re looking for community, a place to work that’s different from your home base, better office equipment than you have at home, or a quiet place where the kids and pets AREN’T, coworking is where you should be.

If you’re local to Columbia County, North Portland, Tanasbourne, Hillsboro, the West Hills, or St. Johns, Oregon areas, check out Jubilee Collective and see when you can become a member.  It’s in the heart of Scappoose, easily accessible on Highway 30 - a straightforward and easy commute from the surrounding areas.

Even if you’re not in the market for a new place to work, you will be interested to know that the classroom is available for rent by the general public.  You can register and reserve your time slot painlessly on their website, at