20 Reasons Jubilee Collective is for you!

You’ve probably heard of the place, Jubilee Collective, by now.  (We’ve been spreading the word like crazy!). But maybe you’re not a virtual worker.  You’re looking at this place and space thinking, “it’s super cute, but I don’t know what I would even do there since I don’t need coworking space.”

I’m SO glad you’re bringing that up, because there’s so many reasons Jubilee Collective IS in fact, the place for you.  Here is a list of 20 different ideas on using this community space:

  1. Community - hold a joint working session, even though you don’t normally work virtually.  Changing the scenery for a group brainstorming meeting often will spawn new, more creative ideas to solve the problems you’re facing in your business.
  2. Client Meetings - Sometimes you don’t wanna meet over food or drinks, in a crowded public place.  Use the classroom instead, for a quiet and private meeting space.
  3. Make Jubilee your central hub - if you have a mobile business, or travel a lot, take your breaks here in our friendly coworking space.  No guilt about sitting at the coffee shop without buying a foo-foo calorie-laden beverage.
  4. Teach an art class!  Everyone can use a new creative outlet.  Share your gifts with others and allow them to develop their own!
  5. Hold an informative workshop - Get a few of your business friends together to teach a group seminar on a particular topic.  You won’t even have to talk for the entire time-block!
  6. Interview your prospective job-candidates.  Keep the nosy employees out of your business by interviewing for your new-hires off-site in the private classroom.  You can even be covert by having them park in the back, out of view.
  7. Take advantage of our quiet workspace.  Take a mental-health day and get your focus back.  Whether you’re writing a book, creating graphics, editing videos, or doing data-entry, you’ll find our quiet coworking space to be just the place to get it done.  Did I mention it’s Air-conditioned too?  Excellent to work in the middle of summer in the A/C.  (And for all of you that read this who aren’t local, Air-Conditioning in Oregon is not standard home equipment.)
  8. Have a Sales Party!  Whether you sell housewares, makeup, skincare, or clothes, set up your next party in the classroom.  You won’t even need to clean your house!
  9. Network with other businesses - there are a number of amazing networking events happening regularly at Jubilee Collective, if you’ve missed them, you’re missing out!  Check out the list of upcoming events for more opportunities to meet new people.
  10. Have an off-site Staff Meeting.  Make your next staff meeting special by holding it at Jubilee Collective instead of your break room.
  11. Have you written a book?  Hold a book signing party!
  12. Hold a movie night!  We have all of the equipment you need to hold a fun movie-night for your group.  BYOPC (Bring your own pop corn!)
  13. Learn a new skill - grab some friends and host a DIY event.  Make sure you tag Jubilee Collective in the Pinterest Fail Photos!
  14. Record your next Podcast Episode - use the Sound Booth to record your podcast and don’t worry about background noise, echos, or interruptions.
  15. Get your crafty group together and use our tables for your next club meeting.  Knitting, crocheting, or even macrame-ing, if your group crafts it, meet at Jubilee Collective.
  16. Calling all Book Clubs!  Hold your next meeting here, and you won’t have to rotate through everyone’s living rooms.
  17. Do you like wine?  Host a wine tasting.  (Jubilee Collective is not responsible for the fun you have doing this, and please taste responsibly!)
  18. Poetry and Spoken word - host a poetry night using our podium and broadcast it right to Youtube, Facebook, and InstagramTV.
  19. Conduct a Leadership training.  The world really does need more strong and capable leaders.  Improve the world, one business at a time.
  20. Plan your next large-scale project.  We’ve got the white-board and wall-space, all you need are the large sticky notes to lay out your action plan for implementation.  

As you can see, there’s at least 20 ways Jubilee Collective is for you, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.  If you can dream it, we can help make space for you to do it. 

What will you use the classroom for?