5 Easy Ways to Fill Your Can't Miss Event

You’ve come up with an amazing event idea.  You’re so excited, because you know it’s a win-win for the guests to show up and participate.  But how can you get them there?  

It’s disheartening when you set up an event and no one shows.  It’s happened to everyone, and it’s not the end of the world.  But if you let this get to your head, you’ll let the fear in and stop yourself from trying again.

The BEST way to make sure people come to your events, whether they’re online or offline, is to invite them!  So easy, right?  The key, though, is making sure that your invitations are effective.  Let’s discuss what makes an invitation work, and how your invites will work for you too.  These 5 easy things to do will make sure you're not wasting your time.

1.  WIIFT (What’s in it for them?)

This is the number one failure reason for event invitations.  Tell the recipients WHY they need to come.  Tell them what the event is, and then give them the reasons why they should come.

For example, if you’re hosting a birthday party, tell the guests why they should come.  Don’t assume they already know what the event is.  Tell them what the theme of the party is, will there be food there, and what fun activities will they participate in?

2.  Make it Personal

If you’re inviting people to your event, don’t stay anonymous.  Tell people who you are.  Share the reason why you’re hosting the event, and why you are excited for it.  Inform the invitee what your contact info is.  You HAVE to share a way for them to reach you with questions.  Trust me, you’ll never think of all the questions people can ask you.  :D

Mass-mailings that are impersonal don’t attract people, because there isn’t thought in inviting everyone and anyone.  If you reach out directly to the people you want to attend, they are more likely to make the time in their schedule.

3.  Make it Pretty

People are attracted to beauty.  It’s a fact of nature.  Play into that.  Use pretty graphics, readable fonts, and make the background clean and clear.  Choose a mood for your event, and check that the invitations “feel” like a match.  Need some inspiration and visual example of what a “mood” is?  Take a trip over to Pinterest and search for “Mood board.”  You’ll get more than you need.  Just don’t get lost in there.  Set yourself a timer to make sure you remember to come up for air.

4.  Include all of the details.

While this should be more than obvious, it needs repeating.  I’ve seen a lot of invitations missing crucial tidbits of information.  The more clear you are, the more comfortable your attendees are, and the less questions you’ll have to respond to.  Some of the information you need to include:

  • Is there a cost?
  • Where do they pay?  And How?
  • When is RSVP Required by?
  • What is the Start and End time?
  • Should the guests bring something?
  • What’s the attire?
  • What activities should they plan for?
  • Is it indoors, or outdoors?

5.  Remind your guests!

The last piece people often miss with their events is to REMIND the invitees to show up!  People are so forgetful, and don’t always get the appointments into their phone.  Send emails, texts, snail mail, or phone calls.  (Please don’t do ALL of the above…that’s spammy.). Personally reaching out to those who have not RSVP’d can help you solidify your numbers and increase attendance because some people miss the original invitation.  When you reach out to them, you’ll catch those that can attend but were uninformed.

With these easy to do action items, your next event will fill to capacity.  What will you invite people to attend?  Jubilee Collective is the best event venue in Columbia County for business meetings, workshops, direct sales parties, and team get-togethers.  Schedule your event today!