Building Business Communities Can Be Easy - 4 Quick Ways

Your business is not about you.  

You may have started it, dreamt up the products, and even donated your own blood, sweat, and tears to build it.  

But it’s not for you.  It’s about the relationships you’re creating, the people you’re serving, and the community you’re building.

Building your community when you’re the business owner should be one of your highest priorities.  And there’s not just one angle to focus on.  You have to create and maintain your community from the B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) perspectives, as well as being an upstanding member of your local geographic and socio-economic communities.  That’s a lot of people you’re impacting.

Why build a B2B community?  Mainly referrals and partnerships, but it goes so much deeper than that.  Creating a strong foundation of support when you’re struggling with a particular aspect of your business is essential to your own survival.  Building relationships with the other business owners creates a more solid network for everyone.  Even if you’re meeting and aligning with another business with similar products to yours.  No one single business can serve all of the customers or clients on their own.  You need someone to send your clients to when you’re on vacation, or when your schedule is filled, and so do your business network partners.

B2C Community is just as important.  Without customers buying your product or service, you have no business.  To build your client community, people who are talking about you, your products, your mission, your values, and how great your customer service is, you have to be really specific with your communication.  You have to build yourself a strong brand image, more than just a recognizable logo.  You need to build your presence - on and offline.  People must be able to find you, and understand exactly what you’re offering.  You have to answer these questions routinely.  Who are you, what do you do, why do people want what you have, and what do you stand for?  

How and where are you going to build your communities?  Do they overlap?  Can they overlap?  Of course!  Some of your business friends may also become your client when you offer a service they need but don’t provide.  

Here are 4 ways to build your B2B and B2C communities:

1. Networking Events - join groups, attend social gatherings, and take advantage of classes put on by other business owners on subjects you’re interested in, or in areas that are not your expertise.  Classes and workshops are amazing places to meet people.  

2. Host your own class or workshop.  Gather some of your business network and create a multi-presenter workshop on an interesting topic or around a timely theme.  You can even choose to charge for your class, and make some income from the project.

3. Keep your brand consistent.  Create a branding template for your business outlining the colors, fonts, image feel, and even the vocabulary you use.  By making a ‘cheat sheet’ you’ll have a quick reference guide to make sure your social media, articles, blog posts, advertisements, and fliers are all aligned.  If you’re consistent, people know what to expect from you.  It also builds their trust, because there are no surprises.

4. Use your own stock photos and video.  Originality trumps trendy.  Hire someone, or grab your own camera to shoot some new product photos, repeating theme posts for social media, or any other stock images you may need for your advertising.  When you’re using video, make sure it’s of you and has your own voice-over.  Then when people meet you at your business or at an event, you’ll already be familiar.

Jubilee Collective helps with all four of these community-building strategies.  We host regular networking events throughout the month.  There are many workshops and classes scheduled on so many different topics.  You can rent the Classroom at Jubilee Collective to host your own workshop or class for clients or other business owners.  You can also rent the equipment you need to create beautiful product photos, personal videography, and the sound recording booth is available for your voice-over audio.  The classroom can easily be configured into a modern studio for your video, with lighting.  

Creating the community you need to build your business isn’t difficult, and doesn’t have to be expensive.  With such a great list of resources, most of the work is done for you already when you partner with Jubilee Collective.