Thanks for asking, that’s a great question!  See below for common answers.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us.

What kind of events can I host in your space?

Our mission supports all kinds of learning events.  Are you teaching an audience about something?  If so, then you can host it in our space.

Other specific ideas:

  • Host a Workshop
  • Host a Business Meeting
  • Host a Networking Event
  • Host Client Meetings
  • Pop-up Photography Mini-sessions
  • Record Training Videos
  • Tutoring session groups
  • Hold a Fundraiser
  • Job Fair
  • Sales Pesentations
  • Craft Fair
  • Lead an Art Class
  • Hold a Healing Circle

Not sure how to plan your event?  Download our Free Event Planning Guide!


I heard there was some sort of Market?

Yes!  We’re hosting Saturday Markets through the summer.  There will be 6 vendor spots available, and who’s selling changes each week.  We’d love for you to stop by!  If you’re interested in being a vendor, click here.


What’s your address?

We’re right on Columbia River Highway in Scappoose, just North of Columbia Ave/Prairie Street.  The street number is 52555 Columbia River Hwy, Scappoose, OR 97056.




How many people can fit into the Classroom?

Depending on your classroom configuration, you can fit up to 30 people.  The space is about 400 square feet.


What equipment is available for use in the classroom?

There is a projector (you will probably need to bring your own connector for your laptop, but the projector is HDMI), projector screen, podium, tables, chairs, and a whiteboard, and more.  Please see the equipment page for the most current list.


Can I charge for tickets to my event?

Yes, absolutely!  We charge the same usage fee whether or not you’re collecting ticket sales or material costs from your attendees.  We won’t even ask to split your profit!


Is your space kid and pet friendly?

If your children are supervised, you may bring them.  You are responsible for any damage caused or cleaning fees required.  We don’t provide any daycare services on-site.  Our classroom can be used for hosting kid-friendly events, though.

We don’t currently allow pets without specific permission.


I love what you’re doing but I don't need a workspace...how can I help?

Consider becoming a sponsor!  There are many ways to help, even if you can’t donate financially.  Consider volunteering time with our organization also.